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Feb 5, 2013 10:00pm PST
of supervisors for the late dr. arlene ackerman. >> madam clerk is there anything thing he else? >> no mr. president. >> meeting is
Feb 17, 2013 5:30pm PST
. and on cape cod, we met bob and arlene williams who last week were forced into a red cross shelter after that epic blizzard robbed them of electricity and heat. tonight bob and arlene tell me they got another half foot of snow, but the power and heat is still on. >> it's not as nasty. the last storm was nasty. >> reporter: this is the same storm that brought snow to the carolinas and icy temps to florida. farmers there just trying to keep their crops warm through one more night of sub freezing cold. >> glad to hear bob and arlene did not lose power again. you were saying, this system is moving off shore just as the system out west will cause trouble. >> our attention has to turn to the west. tomorrow into tuesday, they're going to start to feel it. southern oregon, northern california. tuesday afternoon, thunderstorm, even hail in southern california and that same system going to reinvigorate, pass over denver, through the midwest. see the white blob, that could be a foot and a half of snow or more. going to be incredible. south looking for tornadoes, hail, damaging winds, that's on thur
Feb 3, 2013 11:00pm EST
for the deaf and blind in st. augustine. >>> a former d.c. school superintendent has died. 66-year-old arlene ackerman passed away at her new mexico home saturday after a battle with pancreatic cancer. she was superintendent of the public schools from 1998 through 2000 and is credited with raising test scores and reducing administrative costs. >>> the former chancellor of schools in the district michelle rhee is opening up about how she handled the firing of several teachers and principals in 2008. rhee said she did the right thing by making the cuts but should have done it differently. in 2008 she fired dozens of school employees, many of those principals fired on national tv. now she says she shouldn't have done that on national tv. >>> in maryland prince george's county school officials wouldn't exclusive rights created by staff members and students proposing the work should be copyrighted. now that so many teachers use school ipads for lesson plans and class work. it's worried that will stifle creativity. copyrighting is common for work created by professors and college students. >>> comi
Feb 10, 2013 5:30pm PST
. bob and arlene made it through the storm, but the cold with no heat was too much to handle. >> 54 degrees is not warm enough for him. he said, i've got to get out of here, i'm having trouble breathing, i've got to get out. >> reporter: so they joined 300 others here at this red cross shelter on cape cod. their pup was welcome too. >> we're glad to have a place to go. >> reporter: and with 40 cats and dogs lining the locker room of this high school turned shelter -- >> she seems to be comfortable and our house is 38 degrees. so she was like a little block of ice. >> reporter: dana and dana, father and son, couldn't believe how cold it got after the storm. >> we've been on the cape 27 years. never had to leave the house when there was a storm. finally my son said to me, dad, it's 19 degrees. >> reporter: dana couldn't feel his feet. >> i couldn't feel them for like a few hours. so i was scared. >> reporter: tonight bob and arlene are grateful for a warm place to sleep. >> as much i'd rather go home, but this is the next best place to be. >> the hearty families of cape cod, we hope t
Feb 17, 2013 6:00pm EST
two feet of snow. and on cape cod, we met bob and arlene williams who last week were forced into a red cross shelter after that epic blizzard rond them of electricity and heat. tonight bob and arlene tell me they got another half foot of snow, but the power and heat is still on. >> it's not as nasty. >> reporter: this is the same storm that brought snow to the carolinas and icy temps to florida. farmers there just trying to keep their crops warm through one more night of sub freezing cold. >> glad to hear bob and arleel did not lose power again. the other system out west tonight? >> the one out west will slam monday into tuesday. got to show you this, david. then it's going to gain steam and the low pressure system really going to track into the midwest and bring big snow. i'm talking foot and a half or more for possibility nebraska, iowa, missouri. we'll track as they get closer. tornados and hail possible on thursday in the area shaded in red. >> ginger our thanks to you. turning now to south africa. the olympian known as the blade runner, oscar pistorius facing murder charges in the
Feb 6, 2013 5:35am PST
s detalles del búnker y cómo fue el operativo para rescatar al menor, arlene fernández con la historia. >>> los agentes del fbi pudieron ver y escuchar todo lo que ocurría dentro del bunker, gracias a una cámara que introdujeron secretamente en el lugar, después de saber el tamaño del bunker, el fbi creó uno similar donde se entrenó a los agentes en diferentes escenarios. >>> puedes planear las diferentes situaciones, como patear una puerta. >>> la policía dejaba las provisiones en el búnker y él subía para recogerlas, a eso de las 2:30 de la tarde, dikes abrió al puerta, enseguida, 4 agentes entraron al bunker, le secuestrador les disparó, pero falló, mientras que el pequeño ethan estaba lejos de la escalera. >>> el fbi encontró dos bombas en el interior del bunker, que hacían temer a los especialista, spq veían a dikes que se agitaba cada vez más y usar las bombas como trampas era una posibilidad. >>e> l gobernador de alabama robert bentley expresó su admiración por el conductor del autobús escolar que fue asesinado por el secuestrador. >>> la madre de ethan dio
Feb 12, 2013 5:30am PST
in brussels on wednesday. arlen says it will discuss whatever steps necessary to tackle the crisis sweeping the continent. it is american meat causing a stink in russia. they have banned imports of frozen beef and pork from the united states. the kremlin insists the decision is motivated by health concerns, but the u.s. is accusing them of protectionism. now this report from moscow. >> gone from the meat counters in moscow, beef, turkey, and pork imported from the u.s. a wholesale ban has started. the $500 million market could be finished. certain chemicals are banned in the european union and china, but the u.n. says it will not harm humans. russia disagrees and says it's not singling out the united states. >> [indiscernible] for two months we did our own monitoring and analysis, testing products from suppliers and producers accept for the united states america. >> this is not the first time russia has found fault with food imports. when ukraine raised russian gas prices, some of their products were not welcome on the shelves here. a similar incident happened with georgia. relations betwee
Feb 19, 2013 12:00am PST
arlen. man-made problems. they do not build levees to protect all of the area. they just built levees to protect certain areas. the first day of shooting, we had to move a lot of our boats that we launched our boats in the water, we had to move them because of another man-made problem that help fund -- happens in the gulf of mexico, -- that happened in the gulf of mexico, so i hope it helps people address these. tavis: since she is not here, where you at all worried about putting your future in the hands of this kid that was 29? >> he actually put his career in our hands. tavis: to shape. -- touchee. i want to meet this little girl, but tell me again, about hushpuppy, because i cannot say your name. >> quvenzhane. tavis: tell me about her. >> she is a bright actress with a very bright future. i would love to work with her again. she was amazing. she was 5 years old when she auditioned for this movie. she was 6 when they started shooting. to see a six-year-old girl to some of the things that she did in this film is just amazing, amazing. tavis: she is from the new orleans area? so comi
Feb 15, 2013 7:00am EST
from some people in arlen that they thought it was a criminal conspiracy. people i have spoken to say it is a question of supply and demand. we have lots of unwanted horses in europe and the price is very low and beef is quite high and you can make a pretty penny from this. whether it's an organized group, we don't know. but the testing may give fingerprints' as to what is behind this. >> there's been some talk in the british press that there is evidence that resources might have even been used and have entered the food chain. >> that is a concern. we don't know if that is the case. a number of horse passports have been explicitly authorized over the last number of years in the u.k. companies are able to issue these passports, so it is open to fraud. periodically possible. >> we will keep watching this story. thanks for joining us. coming up in the next half-hour on the program, how states army from dangers of things falling from the sky and -- how safe are we? we've seen this meteor in russia. later in the day, an asteroid will be passing by planet earth. so stay with us on gmt. we w
Feb 2, 2013 11:00pm EST
died, dr. arlene ackermann died this morning in new mexico after a battle with cancer. ackermann served as the superintendent for d.c. schools from 1998 to 2000. she also held that position in seattle, san francisco, and philadelphia. dr. ackermann was 66 years old. >>> d.c. police offering a reward tonight in a case they're now alling a homicide. 53-year-old emanuel campbell died thursday from injuries from an assault on january 17th in the 2000 block of maryland avenue. police are still looking for suspects as well as a motive. >>> a man from the district is suing the d.c. government over his time at a city correctional facility last year, williams pierce was sentenced to 60 days on a simple assault charge. he's hearing impaired. the lawsuit claims he was not provided with an interpreter during his time behind bars even though jails are required to provide interpret under the americans with disability act. >>> it's a classic toy featured in disney movies and even presidential campaigns. tonight the world saying good-bye to the inventor of the etch a sketch. >> >>> less than 24 hours u
Feb 7, 2013 2:00pm PST
, is very much up for reinterpretation when rove gets involved because, remember, he thought arlen specter was the most conservative man for the job in pennsylvania. he thought charlie crist was in florida. he thought david due hurst was in texas and our view is if you can bind a set of values and the ability to communicate and to run a statewide campaign, that's how we repopulate the republican party. i think karl rove is headed in the wrong des. >> to use a basketball analysis, couldn't one argue that karl rove's losses were three-pointers, they were tough shots and the tea party losses were layups? christine o'donnell in delaware, that was a layup for mike cassell had he captured the gop nomination. >> well, i mean, you're cherry picking because nobody bats a thousand to use another sports analogy. certainly the tea party hasn't batted a thousand but if you look at who the young vibrant authentic rock stars of the republican party are, they're guys like tim scott. tim scott wouldn't have won his first congressional election if we'd have applied this status quo litmus test. we would have
Feb 28, 2013 6:00pm EST
and then the "lightning round" is over. time for the "lightning round" on cramer's "mad money." arlene in california. arlene? >> caller: yeah, boo-yah, jim cramer. >> boo-yah. >> caller: you have helped me with my portfolio, so thank you so much. >> my pleasure. >> caller: i'm calling about hain celestial. >> you know what? i'm with irwin simon. i think there's a trend toward healthy eating and i think hain is a winner not a loser and the bears -- kevin in texas, kevin? >> caller: hey, jim, boo-yah from houston. >> boo-yah back at you. >> caller: do you then american rental car will break out to a new high after the awesome quarter? >> i like american rail car. there was a push between that one and trinity. >> buy, buy, buy -- >> a plethora of oil in all different places and not a lot of pipelines and american rail is one of the helpers of that issue. joe in new york. joe? >> caller: hi, jim. >> hey, joe. >> caller: my stock is sdrl seadrill. i'd like your comment on the stocks and the high dividend. >> i have been incorrectly saying that this one is not the right one to be in because i was worried
Feb 26, 2013 6:00pm PST
home, crews discovered thousands of cold coins. a search determined that arlene imagedance was the sole heir. the county sold just a portion of it today. today's auction proceeds will pay estate taxes and fees. she plans to keep the rest. >> very good. boy. i need a reclusive uncle. >> don't we all? >> let's check in now with an update on the accu-weather forecast. >> all right. >> live doppler 7 hd not picking up anything but clear skies nork clouds around. no precipitation around. here is a look at kind of patterns we can expect. we're using san jose representative of what inland loixs can be expect in terms of high temperatures next couple days mid-70s by friday. 70s saturday then, mid to upper 60s for the remainder of the forecast period. tomorrow state wide mainly dry and mild conditions. mild chico in sacramento fresno, warm in southern california maybe a sprinkle or two in you're yeeka. in the bay areamrue, sunshine. high clouds upper 60s, here is the accu-weather forecast. mid-70s around the bay area. low 60s on the coast. by tuesday, we could look at a chance of rain. first we
Feb 9, 2013 2:00am PST
you. they also opposed rand paul. and, remember, they supported arlen specter over pat toomey and on and on. there are countless examples. the bottom line is they don't have any better record at picking winners than the, quote, unquote, amateur tea party types do. and even when they pick winners, what do we end up winning? we get squishy republican moderates. >> there's that squishy. >> they got tax hikes for -- >> we have to remind ourselves -- this is this man. they say a certain kind of bug or insect would survive a nuclear war. we don't have to use those terms, but we know which bug it is. look at the rap sheet on this guy, karl rove. let's go down memory lane and remind ourselves at least, if the right wing doesn't, of some of karl rove's greatest hits. as a top adviser to george w. bush, he sold the war in iraq to everybody it seems. he got off scot-free even though he was at the center of the cia leak scandal. walked from that one. the architect couldn't help a republican majority in the 2006 midterms bring the democrats back to power in both the house and senate for th
Feb 5, 2013 7:00pm PST
may see such famous stars as the marx brothers, chevalier, carole lombard, richard arlen, mae west, cary grant and many favorites. over here on your right, playing hide-and-seek, are gary cooper and herbert marshall. hi, boys. (narrator) of all studio personnel, stars were the biggest asset in the fight for the public's attention, loyalty, and money. their popularity guaranteed studios success so they were tied to companies with exclusive contracts. no one understood star power more than paramount's founder, adolph zukor. as early as 1912, zukor had had success with the film queen elizabeth, starring sarah bernhardt. convinced there was a market for films featuring stage stars zukor had formed the famous "players company" in new york, pioneering the production of feature films on star names. every studio built, not only production schedule, but its entire operation around anywhere from 2 or 3, say in the case of a universal or a columbia, to 12, 15, 20 in the case of paramount or mgm, stars. you're nma desmond. used to be in silent pictures. used to be big. i am big. it's the pictu
Feb 4, 2013 9:00am PST
. >> good afternoon, arlene tran, a long time visitacion valley resident in district 10 and spokesperson for the asian alliance. today, we have over 100 residents here to support this important legislation, in order -- in addition to the hundreds of signatures that we are gathering. although we have a very capable translator today, the problem is everything is one-sided, as you can see, because many of the people that we have today are mono lingual chinese. they really don't understand the total proceeding. so would you allow me to ask them to raise their hand if they support this legislation. [speaking foreign language] >> thank you. before retire from 37 years of teaching in the san francisco public schools, i serve tens of thousands of low income families who have been asking for affordable housing for too many years. please, seriously consider the needs of the condo owners, renters, and the good of san francisco. this is a very balanced legislation. it is win/win/win for all and please vote for it on behalf of everybody. thank you. >> co-chair kim: can i ask you a question. >> chair
Feb 4, 2013 6:00am PST
keller says they are welcome to support the likes of arlen specter who will continue to proudly support the likes of pat toomey, charlie crist and david dewhart. susan page and strategist steve mcmahon, welcome all, happy monday. ramesh i'll start with you. we know a lot of established republicans say you have to fight back in the primaries and get involved. this strikes me as something that will make things more divisive inside the republican party before it gets better. is that what the party needs? >> if you look at the reaction to this "new york times" story you get the distinct impressions a lot of republicans dislike each other more than the democrats and i think that's a a problem but the other question i have is how would this even looking backwards, how would this have made a difference in those races? if todd aiken is the example that was a three-way race, a tight three-way race, how would this group have picked one of the two candidates that would put him over the time. >> that anyone other than sharron angle would beat harry reid. there's a bunch of seats. >> and why do peop
Feb 5, 2013 1:00am PST
the lights of arlen specter, charlie crist and david dewhurst. we will continue to support the likes of pat toomey, marco rubio and ted cruz. freedom works compares these developments to everything from the "star wars" empire to the dystopia imagined by george orwell. they say the empire is striking back. the empire is striking back. an orwellian named conservative victory project is created with the sole mission of acting activists across the country. these blatant acts of hostility are typical of an entrenched establishment circling the weapons around entrenched incumbents regardless of performance in office. biggest problem with the republican party right now might be that these guys kind of have a point. yes, republicans have a very real, very identifiable problem with their primaries turning out candidates that cannot get elected in general elections. this is a pattern. this is a three-election cycle pattern now for the u.s. senate. but karl rove superpac, the same folks who are starting this new conservative victory project, those guys got a whopping 1.92% return on their investment i
Feb 3, 2013 6:00pm EST
.c. region. >> lauren, thank you. >>> a former d.c. school superintendent has died. 66-year-old arlene ackerman passed away at her home in new mexico after a battle with pancreatic cancer. she was the superintendent of the city's public schools from 1998 to 2000. during her tenure she is credited with raising test scores. >>> still ahead, pain at the pump. consumer alert for drivers. how much has gas gone up in the past week? we will tell you coming up next.  >>> turkish police say a new york woman found dead in istanbul suffered a fatal blow to the head. it is clear the head injury caused her death. she was last heard from january 21st the day she was scheduled to fly home. her body was discovered saturday evening near the remnants of ancient city walls. >>> 34 people are injured after a bus crashes into an overpass. the accident happened saturday night in boston. the bus was carrying 42 people including high school students and adults on their way home from a visit to harvard university. some people made it out unharmed. others say it was chaotic. many had a
Feb 4, 2013 5:00am EST
superintendent has passed away. 66-year-old arlene ackerman passed away at her home in new mexico on saturday. she had been patling pancreatic cancer. she was the superintendent of the city's public schools from 1998 through 2000 and is credited with raising test scores and reducing administrative costs. >>> school officials in prince george's county want to copyright any work that is created by staff and students but critics say that would mean any pictures drawn by first graders would belong to the school system. some say it will stifle creativity. the "washington post" reports that copyrighting is already commonly used at colleges and universities. >>> the morning's big story, the ravens win super bowl xlvii. we'll show you how plans fans are celebrating this morning and share some of your big comments about the game. we'll be back in a moment. get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here.  have been working with viva, people have been daring them to cle
Feb 8, 2013 6:00pm PST
thrilled. >> reporter: environmental scientists arlene bloom said the change would mean there's no longer a need for furniture makers to use toxic flame retardants inside the furniture. >> 85% of our furniture already meets a smolder standard. >> reporter: under the in proposal couch fabric will be required to withstand a smolder test meaning it won't catch fire when in contact with a smoldering object like a cigarette, heater or extension cord. current standards require the foam inside the furniture withstand a 12 second exposure to a small open flame. that requires those chemical flame retardants something fire scientists say is counterintuitive because it's the fabric that catches first. >> tests method that's used is much more realistic on how things catch on fire. >> reporter: he says the new standard is much safer. and he is one of many that says it's long overdue. >> it's a win-win situation. >> reporter: now, the proposal goes through a six-week public comment period before a final standard is adopted. meanwhile, the chemical indus
Feb 4, 2013 9:00am PST
to support the likes of arlen specter, charlie krist and david dewhurst. we will if any to proudly support the likes of pat toomey, marco rubio, and ted cruz. no word of o'donnell or akin or richard murdock or the party's current 26% approval rating. ryan, i mean, on some level this is not surprising at all, but some -- we call them reasonable minds. some insightive perhaps politically savvy minds in the republican party are thinking, hey, maybe it's not so great for us to elect crazy people to the ticket. >> right. they explicitly took a hands off approach this time, and they said we're going to let primaries shake out, and then we're going to get in whoever wins, but it's tough to figure out exactly how far to the right somebody can be and still win because akin and murdoch probably could have won if they would have not been idiotic for ten seconds during their campaign and completely blown it. the far right can say, well, look, what we need is better did hes palestinianed people. not people who are more liberal. >> well, and, i mean, like this is the big skism on the right. we talk abou
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 72 (some duplicates have been removed)